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    From time to time we hold special promotions on services and products we offer. This page is updated regularly with current special offers you can take advantage of when you visit us. We are always looking for new ways to serve our clients. This page allows you to see all the great new ways we strive to give you the best values for your beauty dollars. You can even sign our Guest Book if you would like us to notify you when specials are offered.

    Special Offers


    Celebrate Mother's Day for the Month of May!

    Take advantage of our new Hydrodermabrasion Facial

    SALE: $125

    Reg: $145

    INTRODUCING: Oxylune Hydrodermabrasion & Oxygen Facial

    Benefits sensitive skin that cannot undergo other forms of microdermabrasion! Decreases visibility of scarring and improves blood circulation and supports collagen and elastin production. Will leave your skin smooth and glowing by using all natural elements and minerals! 
    60mins $145 / 90mins $185

    Happy Mother's Day Month!

    Celebrate Mother's Day for the month of May!

    New Skin Script product can be drop shipped including FREE Shipping 

    Choose from our catalog and we can deliver a beauty bundle for your special lady and free eye cream with all online catalog products purchased! 

    We also offer gift certificates!

    Act Now! Offer Ends: 5/31/2024

    MicroCurrent Facial Package

    A Microcurrent facial uses low-voltage electricity to help stimulate the facial muscles painlessly into the skin on your face and neck to help tone, lift, and firm tired muscles. This facial also helps stimulate collagen to your dermis for a more plump and defined look! Includes steam enzyme peel luxurious collagen mask!

    Single Treatment $150

    Package of Ten for $1200 

    Microcurrent with nano needling combo: $250 Includes anti aging facial with lifting nano needling treatment. New Jelly mask with plumping and firming for a youthful appearance. Massage and pampering is included.


    Vitamin C Facial

    This dynamic treatment incorporates green tea and lactic acid to reduce hyperpigmentation caused by photo damage hormones and acne. This treatment includes thorough cleansing, vigorous exfoliation with lactid acid & green tea, and a vitamin c mask followed by a Gua Sha stone massage! Your skin is infused with protective antioxidants to help promote healthier, brighter, and firmer skin leaving you with a beautiful glow.

    This treatment is perfect for those with rosacea, sensitive, irritated, aging, dry, or oily/acne prone skin.

    And may we recommend our LED Light Therapy Add-on for the perfect combination. 

    60 Minutes : $95

    90 Minutes : $135

    15% Off Massage Therapy!

    In honor of Mother's Day Month, come visit highly experienced massage therapist Keelon! He specializes in deep tissue and prenatal massages, making a perfect gift for you or that special lady !

    Call or Text: 857-236-5120 / EMAIL: KEELONANDREWS7@GMAIL.COM

    Instagram @massage_by_keelon

    Act Now! Offer Ends: 5/31/2024

    Chemical Peel: PCA Sensi No Peel

    This Chemical Sensi-Peel is for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin. This solution not only helps improve the texture of your skin but also brightens and evens out skin tone!

    This is a great way to even your tone after exposure to the sun!

    *30 Minutes

    *free take home product with service* - $135

    Escape With A Spring Collagen Facial 

    Gift the gift of relaxation . Make time for yourself  . Relax with a soothing facial this spring season. Cleansing with professional exfoliation . Ultrasonic help further clean impurities. Cool ball to calm sensitivity.LED light for acne, oily skin or anti-aging.

    Stone massage to sooth. Aromatherapy helps you stay in the moment. Collagen blanket mask deeply hydrates dry skin.Massage for face, shoulder,scalp.

    Hand and foot treatment with hot stones relax and keep you warm.


    60 minutes $135

    90 minutes $165

    Act Now! Offer Ends: 5/31/2024

    Hydro Facial

    This is a non-invasive procedure that involves using a hydro machine that cleanses, gently exfoliates, and hydrates your skin by removing build up from the pores with painless suction all while nourishing the skin with plenty of moisture! The skin is rejuvenated with antioxidants and peptides leaving it with a beautiful glow!

    60 mins $145

    90 mins $185

    Oxygen Infusion Facial

    Oxygen infusion decreases the appearance of and tightens pores,diminishes fine lines and wrinkles,improves skin texture,and heals and treats scarring.Oxygen infusion also increases collagen production, which results in overall improve skin elasticity,reduction of fine lines and wrinkles,and increased moisture. Pore cleaning, LED Light therapy is included with massage relaxation and hydrating mask

    Beauty Bundle Product

    Pomegranate cleanser hydrates skin

    Ageless serum hydrates with hyaluronic acid and aloe Peptide eye cream perfect for  dry delicate skin. Free gift and shipping included with beauty bundle skincare. 

    New Jelly Masks!

    New Jelly masks for the seasonal change help with breakouts and are great for sensitive skin and anti aging. They replenish your skin with extreme hydration!

    Free Eye Treatment with All Facials for the month of June! 


    Free eye treatment with collagen eye rest mask, soothing delicate cupping, massage gentle enough for puffy and tired eyes leaving you refreshed! 


    As a friendly reminder, we ask that you reschedule your appointment if you're feeling under the weather with flu-like symptoms such as a fever or deep cough. We promise to take care of you once you're feeling better!


    We have followed our state board guidelines and recommendations for thorough cleaning, sanitation, and disinfecting, however we have taken them a step further to incorporate more sanitary practices for when we open and close our business and between each client. We have added in more time to thoroughly clean and disinfect the entire treatment area or any other locations throughout the spa/salon/etc, before our next guest arrives.

    Rejuvenate is EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant that kills germs .Our cleaning supplies are all approved by our state board effective killing viruses including COVID-19 as unnatural cleaning supplies

    Top Disinfection Protocols

    We are offering a UVC cleaning .We disinfect with hospital grade solution and turn on UVC germicidal lamp that disinfects room before next client enters. Half hour cleaning prior to next client appointment to keep rooms disinfected.We also use UVA air purifying system with HEPA filter next to client and aesthetician during services.


    Infection Prevention Certified

    Skincare by Stavroula is now certified in infection prevention.